Structural Steelwork

Stratford Metal Fabrication benefits from a team of over 100 combined years' experience in the specialist metal fabrication industry, providing structural steelwork services to a broad range of industries.

As a UKCA Marking accredited company, we are able to design, manufacture (including welding) and install structural work in steel to BS EN1090 Execution Class 2. UKCA Marking demonstrates compliance with the appropriate manufacturing standard for a structural steel product and is a legal requirement for the supply of any structural steel within the UK.

I Beam structural steel frame for building extension.
CAD rendering of a platform for an industrial silo
Large section steel frame for glass cover to car park access

Steel is an increasingly popular choice of building material, it has numerous advantages including structural efficiency & lean manufacture, cost effectiveness and speed of construction. We have worked hard to ensure that our structural steel fabrication not only complies with UK legislation but is exceptional in quality. Despite being a small company our certification records and ongoing training and monitoring processes are equivalent to those much larger engineering firms, with the added bonus of those personal touches associated with dealing with a smaller company. We proudly demonstrate that our fabricators are qualified and skilled in manufacturing welded steel components and we operate with a strict Factory Production Control (FPC) system which means our fabricated structural steel products carry a UKCA mark (previously a CE mark- a legal requirement for fabricated structural steel in the UK since 2014 but something you may find not many smaller firms have yet achieved).

UKCA and the BS EN1090 Standard

UKCA Marking of fabricated structural steelwork has been a mandatory requirement from 1 July 2014. The CPR describes the legal obligations it places on the construction supply chain in terms of ‘manufacturers’, ‘distributors’ and ‘importers’. However, the construction supply chain in the UK would normally be described in terms of clients, designers, specifiers, contractors and specialist subcontractors.

The harmonised standard covering fabricated structural steelwork is BS EN 1090: Execution of steel structures (and aluminium) structures. Part 1 of the standard is the Requirements for Conformity Assessment of Structural Components. It describes how manufacturers can demonstrate that the components they produce meet the declared performance characteristics (the structural characteristics which make them fit for their particular use and function). Part 2 is the Technical Requirements for Steel Structures. It specifies the requirements for the execution of steel structures to ensure adequate levels of mechanical resistance and stability, serviceability and durability. It determines the performance characteristics for components that the manufacturer must achieve and declare through the requirements of Part 1.

Design Responsibility & Execution Class

For any project, the required quality of fabrication or Execution Class must be specified. BS EN 1090-2 requires the Execution Class to be specified for:

  • the works as a whole
  • an individual component
  • a detail of a component

The engineer is responsible for specifying the Execution Class for the structure, the components and the details. In some cases the Execution Class for the structure, the components and the details will be the same while in other cases the Execution Class for the components and the details may be different to that for the whole structure. Whilst each building needs to be considered on its own merits, Execution Class 2 (EXC2) will be appropriate for the majority of buildings constructed in the UK. If the Execution Class is not specified on a project, Clause 4.1.2 of BS EN 1090-2 states that EXC2 shall apply. It should also be noted that the NSSS for Building Construction 5th Edition CE Marking Version has been written for the steelwork contractor to deliver the requirements of EXC2.

Galvanised street furniture and canopy for industrial area redevelopment in South London
Large section steel frame for glass cover to car park access
Parapet wall edge protection and half canopy to rooftop development in London

SMF Structural Steel Advice, Design, Fabrication and Installation

Whatever your structural steel requirements, we are here to provide the solution. We have an accredited Factory Process Control (FPC) system and our certified fabricators are experienced in providing structural steel up to EXC2, as previously defined this is the appropriate requirement for the majority of buildings in the UK. We cater for a wide range of structural steel needs, from small scale works such as beams for extensions or knock throughs to large structural steel building projects. With our in-house team, we provide our customers with the following example products

  • Beams, Columns, Angles and Plates
  • Cold-formed purlins and cladding rails
  • Cold-formed decking for use in composite steel and concrete floors
  • Cold-formed sheeting for roofing and cladding
  • Structural frames for use in buildings including:
    • Agricultural sheds
    • Portal frames for warehouse, industrial sheds etc
    • Frames for buildings (including dwellings; offices, commercial, hospitals education, recreational buildings etc)
    • Sheds
  • Mezzanines, Canopies, Car ports and Platforms
  • Staircases, Fire escapes, Ladders
  • Guardrails, Handrails and balustrades
  • Ramps, Catwalks and Walkways, including open mesh flooring
  • Components for use in Towers, Masts and Pylons
  • Components for use in Plant and Machinery
    • Frames for machinery including supports for plant and conveyors including:
      • Columns
      • Beams
      • Trusses
      • Grillages
    • Heavy industrial platework for plant, bunkers, hoppers and silos
    • Supporting frames and fixtures for
      • Lighting
      • Communication
      • Transport-lifts
      • Hoists, including runway beams
      • Escalators

Our highly-skilled team is also CSCS qualified to ensure the construction and installation of your project runs smoothly. You will always have a dedicated project manager as a main point of contact and to support you throughout the whole process, ensuring the final product is exactly what you require.

Access platform for an industrial silo Depot in Upminster, Essex
Access platform for an industrial silo Depot in Upminster, Essex

What Our Customer Have Said..

Site welding in Thurrock, Essex
Cropped photo of mock airflow caravan for Pandora photoshoot set
Heavy duty security gate for Core 4 Solutions in the workshop in Wickford, Essex
Cropped photo of decorative balcony and staircase in Kensington, London







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Metal steps and metal work platforms

We have been designing and fabricating different types of pre-assembled metal stair kits as well as custom solutions that our team install on location with no custom tools or equipment. We are a valued provider in a variety of industries, from Rail, to manufacturing and commercial.

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A mezzanine floor is, strictly speaking, an intermediate floor in a building which is partly open to the floor below, or which does not extend over the whole floor space of the building.

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Advantage of sub contract production

Outsourcing a portion or all of your company's manufacturing needs can allow you to reduce your overall expenses, increase productivity or expand your operations.

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