Bespoke Steel Stair Cases

A turnkey solution on steel staircases requires accuracy and expert workmanship to guarantee specifications are met for each new project. Stratford Metal Fabrications can deliver a range of solutions, styles and distinctive design options. We can work with a range of metal treads incorporating chequer plate, galvanized grating or other decorative options. We can guarantee the highest level of design consistency across our comprehensive selection of staircases. We will work with you on your project to produce a steel staircase in a wide choice of finish to the highest quality.

Metal staircases come in a whole range of designs and styles including:

  • Straight
  • Winder
  • Single Winder
  • Double Winder
  • Quarter Landing Stairs
  • Half Landing Stairs
  • Curved
  • Spiral
  • Bifurcated Stairs

Staircases utilising steel have many advantages:

Reduced costs with simplified installation

Thanks to fabrication processes, steel is highly flexible and that means that it can be constructed to almost any specification. Once constructed installation is usually very simple leading to reduced costs. Who isn't going to be happy about that?

No more staining or varnishing

For any DIY dodgers out there, metal stairs are your definite friend. They don't need staining, varnishing or sealing and in addition are resistant to changes in temperature, so they won't bend or warp. As a result they are just as 'at home' both indoors or out.

High levels of resilience

Metal stairs are strong, durable and built to last. They're not susceptible to drastic changes in the environment and unlike wood, they won't succumb to the dreaded termite. Instead the metal is treated so its rust and corrosion proof. In addition metal stairs are capable of holding weights far in excess of wooden stairs and this gives more scope to create unusual shapes and designs.

Creating unique designs

Metal staircases or stair rails really do look the part. They can be simple 'straight up and down' designs or an ornately curving, grandiose object that befits a large house or premises. They can be mixed and matched with glass or even timber to create that real wow factor and if you wanted to you could get one constructed to wrap around a large portion of your home for that real statement of intent. Whether you want soft and elegant or industrial and hard-edged, metal should always be your material of choice.

They're a long-term investment

Metal staircases and stair rails also know as stair railings are about as economical as it gets. When correctly engineered you're purchasing a work of art that's going to last for decades. This is with very little or no maintenance whatsoever. This means you'll never have to replace any structural components and they don't even need painting if you choose not to. As a result they're a great long-term investment and one which is extremely cost-effective

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Advantage of sub contract production

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Bespoke metal staircase fabrication

A turnkey solution on steel staircases requires accuracy and expert workmanship to guarantee specifications are met for each new project. Stratford Metal Fabrications can deliver a range of solutions, styles and distinctive design options.

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